This is a binding legal agreement between you and Anchorage Dog Sitters for each booking made . You will be asked to agree to the terms of service once you've logged into the booking system and request a service.

Anchorage Dog Sitters provides booking services and does not provide the actual sitting services.  Each sitter is an independent contractor, who has their own rates and policies and they are the ones who provide the sitting services.  Payment happens through our website and we help find pet owners find sitters but details of services during bookings are between the pet owner and sitter.  A $10 booking fee will be charged to the pet owner for each booking, which helps to provide insurance during the booking. If you have multiple bookings within a one month period, we will only charge the booking fee once.


Bookings must be paid for in full before the date of the service provided.


Cancellation policies vary for each sitter if a pet owner cancels a booking.

If a sitter cancels a booking,  Anchorage Dog Sitters will help find a replacement sitter. Anchorage Dog Sitters will refund the cost of the booking and the booking fee if it is unable to find a replacement.


Pet owners are responsible for screening sitters.  We have done background checks initially on each sitter but that does not guarantee accuracy or up to date information, as information provided to us may be limited. We do our best to find quality sitters by interviewing each sitter in person and contacting references.  As members of Pet Sitters International, we require the sitters agree to the recommended Quality Standards for Excellence in Pet Sitting. But they are not our employees so we do not take responsibility for services provided.


In case of emergency and pet owners are not able to be reached,   we recommend pet owners provide emergency contacts who are able to make decisions on their behalf.  If that is not provided, pet owners will authorize the sitter and Anchorage Dog Sitters to do so.


We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service if there is a potential safety issue to one of the sitters.


Limited insurance is provided with bookings made with Anchorage Dog Sitters and only covers incidences that occur during the dates of the booking.  Insurance covers (details available upon request):

- injury to the pet owner's pets while is a sitter's care ($100 deductible paid for by pet owner) and injury to a sitter's pet if injured by a pet owner's pet ($100 deductible paid for by pet owner).

- Injury to a person (other than the sitter) caused by the pet owner's pet ($100 deductible paid for by pet owner)

- Injury to a pet owned by a person other than the sitter's ($100 deductible paid for by pet owner)

- Property damage to the pet owner's property, unless caused by their own pet, or to a third party's property ($100 deductible paid for by sitter)

- All claims must be made to a manager of Anchorage Dog Sitters within 48 hours of an incident.

We are currently not taking any new clients, as we are phasing out overnight services.  sorry for any inconvenience.