1- Go to our "Sitter Profiles and Availability" page and learn about our sitters and find the one that might suit your needs best.  The two options for services are Overnight Stay at Sitter's Home (where the pet stays at the sitter's house) or Overnight Stay at Pet's Home (where the sitter stays in your home).

2- Check the availability calendar for a potential sitter to see if they are available for the dates of your trip.  Each sitter updates their own calendar and does their best to keep it current.


3- If needed, get in touch with the sitter to discuss details of a potential booking, including cost per night (prices may vary depending on number of pets and/or services required). Click on the button within their profile to get in touch via email. You will be asked to register in the system before being provided with sitter contact information, though Anchorage Dog Sitters is happy to help with any questions. 

4- Once you have found a sitter that is a good fit, you will request a booking via the website.  There are two different buttons to use: one for new clients to register and another for current clients to login.  When you register to use the booking software, you can choose to add a wide variety of information about your pets, your home, and your contact information. 


5- You will get an email from us acknowledging we received your request . We will confirm that the sitter is able to provide the service, we will schedule the booking, and we will send you a confirmation email (or let you know if that sitter is not able to provide the service and provide you with other options of sitters who are).


6-  Shortly after you receive your confirmation email from us, we will send an invoice, which will be due upon receipt.  Invoices must be paid in full to complete the booking process.  You can pay online via credit card, you can pay via Venmo or Paypal, or you can mail a check (but please remember that the booking is not complete until the invoice is paid so if there is not a lot of time until your travel dates,it may be best to pay online).


7- You can coordinate a meet and greet with your sitter to provide them with additional information about your pets, home, contact information, etc.  We also highly recommend creating and signing written contracts so it is clearly stated what is expected from both parties.  We have provided a sample contract on our "Contact Us & Helpful Resources" page for informational purposes.  Feel free to use this as a guide.

We are currently not taking any new clients, as we are phasing out overnight services.  sorry for any inconvenience.