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DeEtta Muir (owner and manager)


deetta@anchoragedogsitters.com (preferred method to be reached, as I am often out walking dogs during the day)


907-862-3647 (call or text is fine but if you don't get a response from a text, it is possible I did not receive it and it was lost in cyber space so you might want to try a different method to reach me)

To become a sitter, please email only and we will send you the information.

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Sample Pet Care Agreement (informational purposes only)



Phone number/s:


Physical address:

Home/pet owner:


Phone number/s:


Physical address:

Emergency contact:

And covers the trip which spans the following dates:

Services to be provided:

Overnight stay at pet's house?

Overnight stay at sitter's house?

Feeding (amount, frequency)?

Walking (locations, duration, frequency)?

Medication given (amount, frequency)?

Water plants (amount, frequency)?

Take out trash (date, time)?


Behavior of pets:

History of aggression with people?

History of aggression with other animals?

Fearful of people?

Fearful of other animals?

Leash manners?

Allowed off-leash?

Knows basic commands?

Allowed around other people/animals?


Health/Veterinarian Information:

Are the pets current on vaccinations?

Do the pets have a microchip?

Do the pets have any medical history that is important to know?

Are there any signs of illness that the sitter may notice and should or shouldn't be concerned about?

Which vet do the pets regularly visit?

Vet contact information:

Is it ok to take a pet to the vet in case of emergency and the owner cannot be contacted?

Does the vet have credit card information on file in case of emergency?


Pet's House Rules:

Allowed on furniture?

Confined in a room/crate?

Allowed access to entire house?

Allowed off leash access to yard?

Is the yard securely enclosed?


Home Rules:

Access to the home will be with a key? Code?

An extra key or alternative method of entry is:

Are there off-limit area of the house?

Which room will sitter sleep in?

Is internet use available?

Are there tools, appliances, etc that are off-limits?

Are any other people allowed in the house with the sitter?

Are there any other people who have access to the house and will/might come by (cleaning crew, handyman, etc)?



Home/Pet Owner Signature:


Sitter Signature:


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We are currently not taking any new clients, as we are phasing out overnight services.  sorry for any inconvenience.

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