We are currently not taking any new clients, as we are phasing out overnight services.  sorry for any inconvenience.

                                        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Q: Who are the sitters?

A:  The owner of Anchorage Dog Sitters (DeEtta Bloem) interviews, screens, and does background checks on each potential sitter.  They are all over 18 years old, have experience with animals, understand Anchorage Dog Sitters' quality standards, and are people who DeEtta would trust with her own home and pets.  The sitters are not employees of Anchorage Dog Sitters.  They are independent contractors who set their own rates, rules, and cancellation policies.  

Q: Can clients screen the sitters?

A:  Potential clients are responsible for choosing and screening the sitters that they book.  Anchorage Dog Sitters does not provide the sitting services and is a booking company to help potential clients find sitters.

Q:  Do the sitters stay overnight at the pet's house or do pets stay overnight at the sitter's house?

A:  There are both options and each sitter's profile will show which service they provide (some may do both).

Q:  Where do you provide services?

A:  Sitters are based in the Anchorage area but it is up to each sitter where they feel comfortable providing service.

Q:  Do sitters take care of animals other than dogs?

A:  Each sitter's profile will show what types of animals they might be willing to care for.  Many of the sitters are comfortable caring for a variety of different animals.

Q: What happens if something comes up and a sitter has to cancel a booking last minute?

A: Anchorage Dog Sitters will assist in finding a replacement to make sure the home/pets are taken care of.

Q. What kind of insurance is provided with each booking?

A: There is insurance to cover accidental injury to a pet in our sitters' care during the dates of the booking.  It does not cover pre-exisiting conditions that a pet may have or illness that may occur during the time of the booking.  Because our sitters are not employees and are independent contractors, they are not bonded through Anchorage Dog Sitters (though we have done our best to find trustworthy sitters).

Q:  What is the cancellation policy?

A:  Each sitter has their own cancellation policy so will provide refunds as they see fit.  Typically, the more advance notice that they have, the more of a refund provided.  They may lose out on other potential sitting jobs once they are committed to bookings you have made.  The $10 booking fee is not refundable.

Q:  Does Anchorage Dog Sitters have the right to refuse services?

A: Each sitter has the right to refuse services if they don't feel comfortable in a particular situation.  The health and safety of each sitter is very important to Anchorage Dog Sitters.

Q: Can clients contact Anchorage Dog Sitters if there is an issue with a sitter?

A:  Anchorage Dog Sitters strives to help clients find quality sitters so would like to know if there are major issues regarding a sitter during the booking.  Anchorage Dog Sitters may be able to help resolve some of the issues.